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Easington Colliery

Year 2 22-23

Sports Week

This week, the whole school have had an entire week dedicated to sporting activities! Here are some of our highlights.

We kicked off on Monday with the Summer Run... and ended up a little bit wet!

Children crawling through a mat on the field, being squirted with water guns.

A child holding an inflatable frame to get a picture.

A class of children sat on the field with summery props.

Then, on Tuesday, we had our Key Stage 1 Sports Day! We had a relay race, a hurdle sprint, a long jump, and a howler throw, just to name a few. It was a great afternoon and every child put their best effort into the activities. 

Children setting off for a hurdles race.

Children throwing howlers.

A child jumping into the sand of a long jump.

Children completing an obstacle course.

On Thursday, we had the pleasure of doing Hoopstarz, Skipping, and Dance with Me! It was a super busy day but we came prepared with lots of energy and a positive attitude. We learned a lot of new skills and can't wait to use these on the playground.

Children dancing in a school hall.

Children hula hooping.

Children skipping.


Last Friday, Year 2 had the pleasure of sleeping over in school! The day and night were filled with fun, adventurous activities for the children to participate in. Here is a snapshot into our day...

Scavenger Hunt

The children were tasked to find a variety of items in the school forest area, including the longest leaf, smallest flower, and widest stick.

Children in a forest area.

A child holding a leaf in a forest area.

Team Games

We played a variety of team games on the school field - Quidditch, Kick Rounders, and Parachute challenges!

Children playing a version of Quidditch on the school field, with hockey sticks.

Children playing Quidditch on the school field using hockey sticks.

Children playing games with a parachute on the school field.

Forest School

We went to our Forest School area to make crowns and jewellery from natural materials. Everyone was so creative - using leaves, flowers, and sticks to make their special accessories! 

A child with a leaf crown on his head.

A child holding their leaf crown up.

A 'selfie' of a teacher with a group of children in the forest school area.

Climbing Wall

We were also lucky enough to have a climbing wall visit our school for the day. Everyone was so brave and had a go - some of us even managed to get to the very top!

A child climbing on the climbing wall.

A child climbing on the climbing wall.

A child climbing on the climbing wall.

A child climbing on the climbing wall.

A child climbing on the climbing wall.

After school, we had a bouncy castle for the children to enjoy before their tea. They were also challenged with an orienteering task and they did brilliantly! After a lovely tea, we set up the school hall with our mats and blankets to watch a film. 

It was a great night and all of the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Well done to everyone who participated in the activities. 



Throughout this half term, we have had the pleasure of training for athletics with the School Sports Partnership. We have developed our pace when running and techniques when it comes to racing. Then we worked on our stance and arm movements for the howler throw - everyone saw an improvement in their throw straight away! We had a go at the long jump (which everyone thoroughly enjoyed) and cannot wait to find out what is next in our training schedule! 

Children running a race.

Children throwing howlers.

Children running a race.

Child doing a long jump - mid-air shot.

Mid-air shot of a child doing a long jump into sand.

Pride Month!

This month, our whole school is celebrating Pride Month and talking about its importance. In Year 2, we have been getting creative and thinking about why we are proud to be ourselves. Everyone was so thoughtful and put their best efforts into their drawings! We then decided to create some acrostic poems as to what "PRIDE" means to us and why we think it is important. Well done, everyone!

Two children holding up their work in front of a rainbow balloon display.

A child's work saying they are proud to be themselves because they can run fast.

Three children holding up their work in front of a rainbow balloon display.

Three children holding up their work in front of a rainbow balloon display.

An acrostic poem spelling out PRIDE.

Colour Run 2023

On Tuesday, Year 2 took part in the Colour Run! This involved the children running around a course, through powder paint stations. At each station, a different colour paint was thrown in the air for children to run through. At the end, we took a "colour bomb" photograph of the children throwing a handful of paint into the air for a final time. Every child that took part thoroughly enjoyed it and ended up looking very colourful! 


Class photograph of children smiling before taking part in the colour run, with clean clothes.

Children running on a field with powder paint being thrown at them.

Class of children throwing powder paint in the air.

Class photograph of children covered in powder paint.

OAA Event

Year 2 had an amazing day at the local Outdoor Adventurous Activity event! They participated in obstacle races, zig zag runs, and many more fun activities. All of the children did the school incredibly proud following our school rules of ready, respectful, and safe. It was a brilliant day!

Children playing a game.

Children playing a game with a parachute.

Children racing.

Child holding a hockey stick.

KS1 SATs Week

This week, Year 2 completed their end of Key Stage 1 SATs. Their determination and perseverance has absolutely blown us away! Every child put their best effort in, worked very hard, and made us incredibly proud. To celebrate, the children were treated to an ice cream or ice lolly on the yard, which they thoroughly enjoyed. 

Congratulations to all of our brilliant Year 2 students, who have shown role model behaviour and outstanding success this week. 

Children holding ice cream.

Children holding ice cream.

Children holding ice cream.

Children holding ice cream.

Children holding ice cream.

Children being handed ice cream by a teacher.

Geography - Extreme World

This half term, we are learning about our "Extreme World". We have started off by exploring the tallest mountains in each continent! Everyone was so surprised to learn how tall Mount Everest is and how dangerous it can be to climb. We plotted each of the tallest mountains onto a map and created a key to help us find them. 

Children looking at an interactive whiteboard showing images of mountains.

A map showing the tallest mountains of each continent, marked with a key,

King Charles III's Coronation Celebration!

Year 2 have had great fun celebrating the King's Coronation today! We dressed up in red, white, and blue, then had an afternoon tea style lunch. After learning more about King Charles III and what is involved in a coronation, we designed our own crowns and bunting, as well as completing many other fun activities. 

Children stood together showing off their Union Jack themed outfits.

A photograph of a child creating a collage style bunting.

A photograph of some bunting created using collage technique.

Two children colouring in Union Jack flags. 

Art - Sculptures

This week, we explored two artists who use different shapes in their sculptures. Our prior learning of 2D and 3D shapes helped us identify squares, triangles, cubes, and pyramids in different artwork. We discussed how these shapes were beneficial to making sculptures strong as well as interesting to look at. Then, we were able to have a go at creating our own shapes and sculptures from spaghetti and marshmallows! 

Child creating a pyramid with spaghetti and marshmallow.

Child creating a cube using spaghetti and marshmallow.

Sculpture made from spaghetti and marshmallow.

Science - Plants

For our first Science lesson this half term, we recapped what we already knew about plants and explored the plants around school. We enjoyed a nature walk in the school allotment, across the field, and in our forest school area. We identified different parts of plants (leaf, flower, petal, stem) and took photographs. 

Two children with an iPad taking a photo of plants.

A child taking a photograph of a flower in the grass.

Two hands holding petals from a flower.

Easter Crafts!

We have had a very fun and creative week in Year 2! This week, we completed our DT project of making an Easter card which uses either a pivot or a slider. We each chose a different scene from the Easter story to create our card. 

A child pulling along a slider on an Easter card to make a character move.

Child moving their pivot card.

A child pulling along a slider on an Easter card.

We have also made some Easter cards to take home for our family and friends. There were a lot of steps to follow but we were so happy with how they turned out!

Two children creating Easter card, sticking rabbit ears on the front.

A child sticking rabbit ears on the front of his Easter card.

Three Easter cards with rabbits on the front.

PE - Cricket

This half term, Year 2 have the pleasure of being taught cricket skills by Durham County Cricket Club. We have already practised our throwing, catching, and batting! This week it was time to do some bowling and despite the wind, we were able to make some great bowls. 

Child throwing a ball at a set of cricket wickets.

A child throwing a ball overarm.

Children lining up to bowl a ball.

Red Nose Day 2023

Today was Red Nose Day! We wore red to show our support for Comic Relief and completed a variety of fun activities, including designing our own red nose. We also participated in some challenges such as a joke competition and how many star jumps we could do in one minute!

Four children dressed up in Red Nose Day t-shirts.

A child completing a maze activity.

Two children colouring in.

Design & Technology - Moving Mechanisms 

Our topic this half term is “Moving Mechanisms”. We are focusing on sliders and pivots, finding out how they move and what they are used for. Today, we explored a range of books which used these mechanisms and discussed what we thought of them. We had a lot of fun predicting what the sliders and pivots would do, and what we would see when we used them!

Two children pulling a slider out from the side of the book to see what it says.

Three children looking at a book and sliding a compartment out from the side to see what is underneath.

A child opening a pop out section of a book to see what is underneath.

World Book Day 2023

This week, Year 2 celebrated World Book Day! We dressed up, designed our own bookmarks, and competed in many fun quizzes. Everyone had a great time sharing their favourite books and listening to some new stories. 

Class of children dressed up for World Book Day.

Examples of bookmarks drawn by children.

Two children reading books.