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Easington Colliery

Year 6 22-23


This week, 6AB went to Seaham Marina for a paddleboarding session with Adventure Access. The children braved the sea whilst learning to use their teamwork skills to navigate individual and shared paddleboards. Everyone had a brilliant day! 6BG and 6BM to follow in the coming weeks. 

Year 6 Residential 

The Year 6 children had a fantastic time at Dukeshouse Wood and made memories that will last forever. They had fun whizzing through the air on the zipline, learning to build shelters that we can recreate back at home and working as a team on the nightline. The children partook in an evening around the campfire, learning songs and drinking hot chocolate. Everyone approached the activities on offer with great courage and we are so proud of them for the support they gave to one another. What a fantastic week! 

Nature Reserve Art Trip!

This week, our Year 6 children walked down to Easington Colliery Nature Reserve to extend their learning in art; the children drew representational sketches of the landscape and the views, attempting to capture the essence of nature and building on their knowledge of work by John Constable. The children created some fantastic open-air artwork which, later in the afternoon, they replicated on a bigger scale using water-colour paints. Excellent artwork Year 6 - we are so impressed!

Colour Fun-Run! 

This week, all children completed a Colour Fun-Run on the school field, which was organised by Easington School Sports Partnership. The children wore plain clothing and ran several 'messy' laps to some up-beat music, which resulted in a very colourful ending! Our Y6 children had lots of fun and spent the rest of the day sporting some exceptionally interesting hairstyles! Well done Y6!



Destination: Sao Paulo

This week, our Year 6 children have completed a project week looking at the geographical differences between 2 cities: Sao Paulo and Durham. The children have spent time this week researching Brazil, in particular the city of Sao Paulo, and making comparisons between the sub-tropical city and the temperate climate of our local area. The children also created their own representations of Brazilian artist: Romero Britto; they spent time analysing his pop-art work and recreating similar pieces of their own. The children have worked incredibly hard this week and have discovered so much about the similarities and differences between a Brazilian culture and their own. 


This week, our Year 6 children have worked their socks off during their KS2 SAT tests. All of our wonderful children have built up to this week, over the course of the year, and have tried so so hard in their tests, making us (and themselves) very proud! This afternoon, to welcome the end of their testing week, the children have celebrated with games, activities, movies and PIZZA!

We would like to congratulate all Year 6 children on their impeccable behaviour, determination and success this week. You have made us extremely proud, Year 6! 

Setting Descriptions

This week, our Year 6 children worked extremely hard to write some beautiful setting descriptions. Each class chose a different setting to write about, which made sharing them with each other even better! The children used interesting vocabulary, figurative language and their 5 senses to build up a detailed image in their readers' imaginations. Well done Year 6! Your writing is exceptional! 

Red Nose Day, 2023

Today, the children celebrated Red Nose Day, representing the charitable cause by wearing red and completing a range of activities. Year 6 watched a video about some children who are less fortunate & who may have difficulties accessing education due to profound needs; the children were particularly mature when discussing this topical issue and showed empathy and consideration for children in the world who are in need. There was a brilliant effort made by our Year Sixes today and we are very proud of how they have approached conversations surrounding emotional content. We have had great fun!

Geography - Forests

In geography, over the last couple of weeks, the children have worked hard on their news reports about how forests impact the lives of humans. The children discussed that, unfortunately, even though we benefit from forests in terms of biodiversity, job opportunities, protection from natural disasters and them being a source of oxygen, we still are not looking after the world's forestry sufficiently. This led to a lengthy debate in which the children expressed their concerns about their natural world. In their reports, the children stated the ways in which we are supported and aided by forests and explained how that may affect us in our real lives.


Science - Darwin Diaries 

Over the last 2 weeks, children in Year 6 have ventured back in time, during science lessons, to delve into the world of evolution. Our scientist study was based on 'Charles Darwin'; in these sessions, children learned all about his voyage to the Galapagos Islands, what he discovered whilst there and why he was deemed a scientist. 

Children spent time researching an animal of their choice and explained, using Darwin's Theory of Evolution, how they have adapted over time. They worked very hard with their presentation and are extremely proud of the 'Darwin Diaries' they have produced. 



World Book Day 2023

This week, children in Year 6 celebrated World Book Day by getting creative with costumes, becoming invested in captivating storytelling and creating some imaginative artwork! Children came to school dressed as their favourite, or well-known, book characters and brought along a book they love, to share with their classes. Throughout the day, the children took time to listen to picture books and discuss the moral of the story for younger readers, design a bookmark inspired by an author and try their hand at illustrating, based on a famous character description (The BFG). They even had time to squeeze in writing a thank you letter to our 'focus author': Jenica Leah, based upon responses she sent them to their wonderful questions to the author session, last half term.