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Easington Colliery

Reception 23-24


Teddy Bear toast! 

This week we linked our cooking task to our current story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. In order to make a teddy bear face on our piece of toast we spread honey on the toast, chopped slices of banana and counted out the right number of banana slices and raisins before arranging them. Everyone agreed they tasted JUST RIGHT!! 


Meeting the class pet.

The children have expressed a lot of interest in our class pet and have enjoyed observing his behaviour. Sonic is the name of our Giant African Land Snail and he has been the class pet in Reception for a year. We have looked at where in the world Africa is and considered how he might have found his way to Easington! Some of the children were curious about what he likes to eat and decided to gather a variety of leaves from our plants outside in order to find out which are his favourites. Whilst some people are not keen on touching him we discovered he loves to have his shell stroked.