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Easington Colliery

After School Clubs

Reception yoga club

Reception have really enjoyed learning yoga this term. We all commented on how calm we felt after finishing each club.

Year 5/6 Science club 


This term we done a variety of experiments over the sessions, these experiments include: skittle rainbows, lava lamps, cleaning pennies, pencils through a bag, storm in a cup, balloon skewers and making fruit boats. We finished our session with the egg drop competition, the children were given £50 (hypothetically) and were given a shopping list, they had to buy which equipment they thought would protect their egg the best, then protect them using their equipment, some groups made parachutes. They then dropped their egg from 3m to see if their protection worked. Only two groups were successful!

All the children worked really hard!

Reception Gardening club 

Reception have had a very successful gardening club this term. We have enjoyed learning all about how plants grow and exploring our garden area. 

Year 1 Dance club

Everybody got footloose.
This term, we learned a dance to 'Footloose' by Kenny Loggins. We have enjoyed dancing with our friends and learning a new song.

Reception Story club

Our reception children have enjoyed story club this term. They have read some fantastic stories and shared some of their amazing creations relating to each story. 

Year 3 Crochet club

Our year 3 children have had a very successful half term in their crochet club.