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Easington Colliery


The teaching of Geography at Easington Colliery Primary school aims to stimulate the children’s interest and understanding about the world. This is achieved by exploring, appreciating and understanding where we live and how it has evolved.

It is important for children to make sense of their own surroundings through learning about their own locality, moving on to the wider world. Our children take time to examine the interaction between people and the environment and have opportunities to debate both the positive and negative aspects of this.

Our curriculum has been developed in order to build upon the children’s prior knowledge and develop skills. We provide opportunities for children to develop their geographical knowledge through the use of our own school grounds, the local area and residential trips, to apply skills and carry out field work. Our theme, that is threaded through all Geog units from Reception – Y6 is ‘My World and Me’. The purpose of this thread is to explore the affect that humans have on the environment, and how the choices we make can affect our future. In addition, we believe that location knowledge begins with fully understanding where in the world they live, building from the child’s immediate environment and location to develop the geographical skills that they need to understand cities, regions, countries, continents and the wider world.