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British Values

Promoting British Values

Here at Easington Colliery Primary School we aim to prepare our pupils to become global citizens and to live life in modern Britain. We do this by encouraging our children to embrace the fundamental British Values which we actively promote in school.

The four British values are as follows: –

  • Democracy
  • Rule of Law
  • Individual Liberty
  • Mutual Respect and Tolerance of those with Different Faiths and Beliefs


This relates to pupil voice being heard and valued in school and encouraging children to become involved in decision making processes where possible. It is also important that children have understood how democracy has shaped modern Britain, how the democratic process has evolved through history and how the lack of democracy can affect people globally.

The Rule of Law

This is to ensure that children have an understanding of the importance of criminal and civil law in Britain. It relates to children understanding the difference between right and wrong and that there are consequences for their actions. Respect for those that uphold and enforce the law is encouraged as is an understanding that rules and laws are in place to protect us as individuals.

Individual Liberty

This concerns the right for freedom. This includes the freedom of speech, the freedom to make choices and decisions about ourselves and the freedom to our own opinion. It also acknowledges that with this freedom comes personal responsibility; the responsibility that we won’t hurt or offend others with our thoughts and actions.

Mutual Tolerance and Respect of those with Different Faiths and Beliefs

This is rooted in an acceptance that modern Britain in diverse, is multi-cultural and multi-faith. It is an acknowledgement that no religion or belief is right or wrong and that we should all be valued as human beings and treated with equal respect and consideration. This includes respect regardless of gender, religion, ethnicity, disability or sexual orientation.


At Easington Colliery Primary School we view Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) understanding as a core principle behind our schools’ ethos. SMSC understanding is what allows our school to be inclusive for all children and staff. We believe that a child’s development in SMSC will continually grow from Reception to Year 6 as children’s experiences increase. We ensure this by making links throughout the curriculum by taking part in charity events, meaningful discussions, creating an awareness of our community and acknowledging diversity as a strength.

A strong provision for the development of SMSC is crucial for the wellbeing and development of children. The overall aim of SMSC development for children is to prepare them to participate fully and contribute positively to life in modern Britain. Pupils should be enable to develop their knowledge, self-esteem, resilience, character and self-confidence. Therefore, SMSC provision in schools is important for each individual child, the local community and society as a whole.

Spiritual Development

At Easington Colliery Primary School we help to develop empathy, respect and understanding for other people’s beliefs, values, feelings and experiences. We do this through shared worship, Religious Education (RE) lessons and maintaining strong link with our local Church, whilst recognising that in Britain we are diverse. We have focused on children’s respect for others by invite ‘Show Racism the Red Card; into school, having a ‘Diversity in Britain’ week and learning about different faiths.Spiritual Development

Moral Devleopment

At Easington Colliery Primary School we teach respect through embedding Golden Rules across the school. At the beginning of the academic year, each class discuss and create their own classroom rules. These are signed and displayed in the class and referred to as part of our behaviour management strategy. A core aspect of this is the traffic light system that illustrates for the children how they are or are not fulfilling their moral duty.

Social Development

Teamwork is a core value that we teach in school by learning how to co-operate both in and outside of the classroom environment. Within the classroom, pupils have opportunities to work with peers or even children from different year groups to negotiate challenges. This is supported by the whole school approach to growth mind-set that teaches children to embrace challenge and learn from mistakes by being resilient. Outside of the classroom environment, during break and lunch times, we have a school buddy system that supports children in resolving conflicts and engaging them in play activities.

Cultural Development

At Easington Colliery Primary School we help pupils to understand what is meant by culture by enabling pupils to appreciate the wide range of cultural influences that have shaped their lives and the lives of others. Recently, Year 4 focuses on the North East and how the local culture has an impact on individuals and school. As part of this topic, children research and learn more about the local area and take part in educational visits to various locations in the North East.